"Town Center Survey"

"Town Center Surveyā€¯


The Town of North Branford is conducting a Long Term Visioning Process for Town-owned properties in and around Totoket Valley Park, including the Swajchuk Property, Totoket Valley Park, the Augur Property, and the existing Police Station, as part of an ongoing comprehensive planning process. These Town owned properties are currently home to the Police Department, Department of Public Works garage, the historic Augur House, and several recreational fields. The Potato and Corn Festival (PoCo) is also held on the Augur Property. In the short-term, the Town plans to address deficiencies at the Police Station and is moving forward with the conceptual design of a new Police Station to be located on Town owned property.


In conjunction with developing a broader community vision, goals and objectives through the ongoing Plan of Conservation and Development planning process, the Town seeks community input on the long-term future of these properties.  In order to ensure the most efficient design and location for the new Police Station in the short-term, it is important to understand the desired long-term vision for use of the larger site.


The Town has launched an online survey to solicit feedback from residents and property/ business owners on the future of the Town Center and other town-owned properties. Please take the survey at http://nbpocdsurvey.com Paper copies are available on request at Town Hall- Planning and Zoning Department, Atwater and Smith Libraries, and Stanley T. Williams Community Center.  The survey will be available until March 22th.