Low Income Pet Sterilization Program

The department of Agriculture (DOAG) is pleased to announce effective immediately, the start of a new program, which intends to further reduce the surplus companion pet population in Connecticut, The new program is part of the agency’s Animal Population Control Program (APCP) and plans to help low-income citizens by providing vaccination/sterilization vouchers for their pets. The expansion is the result of the 2007 passage of Public Act No. 07-105; titles An Act Concerning the Expansion of the Animal Population Control Program.


Connecticut residents, who qualify for one of six low-income programs as outlined by the new legislation, will need to complete and submit a Low Income Pet Sterilization Application. Applications are available in all public Town of North Branford Buildings, such as the lobby of the Town Hall, Community Center, Senior Center, and Library. Approved individuals will be eligible to receive up to three (3) vouchers per household per year. The APCP will dedicate 20% of its FY 2014 income to the new program.


The APCP has provided vaccination/sterilization benefits to more than 50,000 municipal pound pets since the program’s inception in 1995 and has helped to reduce euthanasia by 50% and the number of impounded pets by one-third.


For more information about this new program, please contact the APCP office at (860) 713-2507, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or go to the agency website at



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