Department of Consumer Protection

Trade Practices Division

165 Capital Avenue

Hartford, CT  06106


Prohibits businesses, inside and outside the State of Connecticut to solicit you over the telephone for the sale of their products and services.  Prohibits your name on marketing lists compiled for the sale to others and blocking caller ID on your phone.


Safelink Wireless Cell Phone Program

The Safelink Wireless cell phone program is a government supported program that provides a free cell phone and monthly airtime minutes at no charge for income eligible customers. One may apply at www.safelinkwireless.com.



Infoline is an integrated system of help via the telephone - a single source for information about community services, referrals to human service agencies, and crisis intervention. It is accessed toll-free from anywhere in Connecticut by simply dialing 2-1-1. It operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, TDD access and multilingual caseworkers are available. State and federal funding is also available through CEAP (Connecticut Energy Assistance Program). For more information go to www.infoline.org.


Hurricane Preparedness

How to Prepare and Safely Weather a Hurricane/Tornado

Be Aware, Be Prepared

DSS Information – 1-800-842-1508


Modest Needs


Three types of grants available to assist persons meet their needs. Online applications only.

Self-Sufficient Grant: Small emergency expenses

Back to Work: Small fee or expense allowing unemployed persons to return to full-time work.

Independent Living Grant: Small irregular expenses to improve quality of life during a short term emergency.


Salvation Army Victim Assistance Program – (860) 543-8400


Consumer Credit Counseling



Free confidential financial counseling


Connecticut Money School

(860) 951-2212 ext. 230


Free financial education.


Internet Essentials



Allows for low cost internet access and the opportunity to purchase a computer. Internet access $9.95/per month plus tax.


Artist Fellowship, Inc.

47 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY  10003

(212) 255-7740 (Salmagundi Club) ext. 216 for Artist Fellowship


Charitable foundation that assists professional fine artists and their families in the event of an emergency, disability, or bereavement.


Quinnipiac University

Frank H. Netter, M.D.

School of Medicine

Anatomical Gift Program

(203) 582-6587