Advocacy Groups

Office of the Healthcare Advocate State of CT


A free service to assist you in knowing your health insurance rights, children’s rights, choosing a doctor, Rights to Complain/appeal, choosing a plan.


CT Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities

Offers abuse investigation, care services, protection, and advocacy. 

(860) 297-4300 or 1-800-842-7303


Center for Disability Rights

764 B Campbell Avenue

West Haven, CT  06516

(203) 934-7077

Promote opinions that empower persons with disabilities through advocacy, education, and citizen action.


Connecticut Commission on Aging

Information and legislative advocacy

(860) 424-5360


Connecticut Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Provides interpreting, job counseling/placement and personal/family counseling.

Interpreting Unit:                                            Counseling Unit:

Phone: (860) 899-1647                                   Phone: (860) 697-3560

Videophone:  (860) 899-1647                      Videophone: (860) 899-1648


Connecticut Department of Developmental Services

Coordinates and oversees services for developmentally disabled people of all ages.

South Region: 1-877-437-4567


Connecticut Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Provides education, training, vocational rehabilitation, health care, life insurance, burial benefits.

(203) 931-0460


Converse Communication Center

Message relay and telecommunication information and referral for the hearing impaired.



Office of Victim Services



Sexual Assault



Domestic Violence



Mothers Against Drunk Driving



Survivors of Homicide

(860) 257-7388


Office of Victim Advocate



Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind

Employment assistance, services, case management



Bureau of Rehabilitation Services

Assists in vocational, rehabilitation, independent living, and disability determination services



CT Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities

Advocacy and protection on civil rights

(860) 800-2232


Center of Medicare Advocacy- 1-800-445-4414


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