Conservation & Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Agency

The Conservation & Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Agency operates under provisions of State Statute. It consists of 5 regular members and 2 alternate members appointed by the Town Council. The wetlands agency protects wetlands and watercourses and may issue permits for regulated activities in areas designated as wetlands and watercourses. The Conservation Commission is responsible for updating the open space plan, maintaining records of all open space inventory and promoting conservation related program. Included in the budget are funds for membership in conservation and wetlands associations, and attendance at seminars and annual meetings and advertising of hearings and decisions.

Current members:
Stephen Scavo (Chairperson), Frank A. Brigano, Lisa DePonte, Gerald Fischbach, Ashley Joiner. Alternates are: PZC Alternate - William Galdenzi

Supplemental Information for the June 24, 2020 Application re: Village at Notch Hill