Town Plan of Conservation & Development

Per State Statutes, each municipality must update every ten years its comprehensive Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD).  The Planning and Zoning Commission has finished updating this document after a multi-year planning process and a series of public hearings on its proposed draft and final revised draft POCD document.  On November 19, 2009, the Commission adopted, with an effective date of December 21, 2009, the below documents which comprise this Plan of Conservation and Development for the Town of North Branford.

This POCD has a developed list of priorities for the future development of the Town, a vision for that future and a series of major strategies and recommendations to achieve that vision over the next ten years.  The Plan will be used as an important tool to help protect important resources, guide appropriate development, address community needs, protect community character and enhance the quality of life of its current and future residents

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Plan of Conservation & Development Cover

Plan of Conservation & Development Commission & Resolution Pages

Plan of Conservation & Development adopted November 19, 2009, effective December 21, 2009

Map #1: Existing Open Space

Map #2: Utilities

Map #3: Zoning Map

Map #4: Vacant/Underutilized Properties (commercial & industrial zones)

Map #5: Proposed Land Use

Map #6: Proposed Open Space Plan

Map #7: Farm Inventory

Map #8: Wetlands with FEMA Floodplains

Map #9: Natural Diversified Database Zones

Map #10: Wetlands Map with FEMA & Slope Data

Map #11: Subdivisions (Approved by PZC from 1991-2006)