The 4 R's



The 4 R’s:   Reduce,   Reuse,   Re-purpose,   Recycle


Ø  Reduce the amount of waste that you generate.


Ø  Reuse as many products as you can.  Yes, it takes effort, but it’s far better on our environment to use non-disposable things like cups, silverware, and ceramic plates instead of plastic and paper goods, as convenient as they might seem.  Even though you don’t see it immediately, there is a price that you pay for this ‘convenience’.


Ø  Re-purpose means to find another use for the thing you’re thinking of discarding.  A plastic box with a nice cover can become a storage container for small items; an old gym bag becomes a tool kit; etc.


Ø  Recycling saves energy (e.g., each recycled aluminum can saves the amount of energy that it takes to power a computer for three hours)


   Let’s leave a better world for our kids

• Take household hazardous waste to HazWaste Central. See info and the link on our main page.

Please help our town and the environment by encouraging your neighbors to reduce, reuse, re-purpose, and recycle