Why Recycle


Why Recycle?


Recycling has many benefits. The more we recycle the less garbage ends up in the landfills and resource recovery or trash to energy plants. Less energy is used to process the materials, valuable resources are saved and therefore, costs are decreased. Recycling also prevents emissions of many greenhouse gases and water pollutants.  Trash and bulky item disposal costs have increased and are expected to continue to increase, and that cost comes out of our tax dollars. Here’s an example of how much waste (regular garbage) residents of North Branford produced:  for the years 2011 thru 2013, we generated approximately 15,000 tons of solid waste, or about 5,000 tons a year.  By comparison, we generated only 750 tons of recycling per year.  So, we’re creating 6½ times as much costly waste as we’re recycling.  The more we can recycle, the better it is for our environment.


It’s the law!!

If protecting the environment and saving energy and money isn’t enough incentive…..it’s the law:

• Connecticut’s recycling law has been in effect since 1991

• North Branford’s recycling ordinance has also been in effect since 1991

• Connecticut law requires mandatory recycling of: 1) cardboard, 2) glass food and beverage containers, 3)leaves, 4) metal food and beverage containers, 5) newspapers, 6)storage batteries, 7) waste oil, 8)plastic food and beverage containers, 9) office paper

Most everyone agrees that recycling is a "good thing.”  But what a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s a legal responsibility that we all share, in addition to a moral one.